Members’ Competition Dates and Results

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2020 Competitions revised schedule
*The midweek 9 hole order of merit will restart in February 2021 after the 2019-20 was cancelled as a result of covid-19.


Local Rules Oct 2019
Additional covid-19 local rules (updated June 2020)
  • Maintain a minimum of 2 metres from your playing partners at all times
  • Do not touch stray golf balls
  • Mark your own card, record one of your playing partners scores as well so that you can cross check each other’s scores at the end of the round.
  • In competitions sign your own card only, leave the card in a box provided at the clubhouse/ canopy. Take a photo of your scorecard in case it is needed. Write the name of your marker on your scorecard so scores can be cross checked if necessary.
  • Do not touch the flags
  • With no rakes allowed at the moment you may lift and place your ball back in the bunker, 6 inches not nearer the hole.