Online Booking

Step 1: Click here to Register.

Step 2: Once your registration is confirmed by email, Click here to book the (long) OLD COURSE OR Click here to book the (Par 3) NEW COURSE.

Your online booking guide


1. Follow the link to register. Your registration has to be accepted by Billingbear Park Golf Course, before you can make your first booking.

2. You will receive an email from us confirming your registration. You are now ready to book a tee-time.

3. Select to book either the Old or New CourseAt present it is not possible to book a combined 9+9 round on the two Courses. If you wish to play 9+9, please telephone the Clubhouse 01344 869259

4. Please take time to read the Term and Conditions. These can be found on the HOME page of the Members’ Booking Module. Making a booking means that you have accepted them.

5. Click the ‘BOOK A TEE TIME’ button and choose the day that you wish to book a tee-time. Note that you can only reserve one tee-time per day, up to 21 days in advance.

6. Choose a free tee-time slot(s) and click on the ‘BOOK NOW’ button. Note that if you are booking 18 holes you will need to check that the second nine tee time is clear, two hours after your chosen time on the Old Course and one and a half hours later on the New Course. The System will not allow you to book 18 holes if it is not.

7.Click on ‘confirm your booking’ and your booking will be confirmed on the page and by email.


Please note

If you wish to amend, or cancel your booking, log into the Members’ Online Booking module. You will see a list of your bookings. Click on the one you wish to amend. Note that if you wish to delete the booking, you will need to uncheck all the listed players.