Course information

Last updated 25th July

  • Please check in at the canopy before playing even if you have paid online
  • Buggies and trolleys are available for hire again. Buggy hire is for blue badge holders only at present and customers are required to wipe down the buggy/ trolley before using.
  • Groups of 3-4 allowed again as of 1 June 2020. Please let us know if this means you no longer require all of your tee times as there are other people looking for tee times.
  • Bookings and payments can now be taken online. In person and over the phone bookings are also accepted but we may ask for full or partial payment upfront because too many people are booking and then not showing up.
  • We recommend you book a couple of weeks in advance on the old course and check the terms and conditions before paying.
  • Keep 2 metres apart and stay safe.


Check in/ payment at course process

Local rules update June 2020


  • Maintain a minimum of 2 metres from your playing partners at all times
  • Do not touch stray golf balls
  • Mark your own card, record one of your playing partners scores as well so that you can cross check each other’s scores at the end of the round.
  • In competitions sign your own card only, leave the card in a box provided at the clubhouse/ canopy. Take a photo of your scorecard in case it is needed.


  • Do not touch the flags


  • With no rakes allowed at the moment you may lift and place your ball back in the bunker, 6 inches not nearer the hole.

Other options in the bunkers:

  • Dropping within the bunker – You can take a one shot penalty and drop 2 club lengths from where your ball came to rest (not nearer the hole) or go back as far as you like (within the bunker) keeping the point your ball was in between you and the hole.
  • Dropping outside of the bunker – Using rule 19.3b you can drop outside the bunker and incur a 2 shot penalty. The options here are the same as above but with your ball being dropped out of the bunker – drop within 2 club lengths of where your ball came to rest in the bunker or go back as far as you like keeping the point your ball came to rest in between you and the hole.
  • In the example below the player has decided to drop his ball from the left edge of the bunker and is electing to take a 2 shot penalty outside of the bunker.

Video on the 2019 dropping procedure